I'm a believer in letting people know when they've done a good job. So Wayne, you did a Fabulous job for Ray Ozols. It was so good, that a friend who was sitting beside me asked if you were a best friend of Ray, to which I replied, "no he's the Minister". I just wanted to say that many, many people commented on what a great job you had done. Also someone said, "normally you can't wait until it's over, but you left them wanting more. Again, great job!

Just wanted to say how lovely the service was. My entire family was so pleased with the way you handled a very emotional day. You kept reminding us how beautiful Mother's life was and what a valuable person she was to all who knew her. We really appreciated your words and wanted to thank you.
Donna Robertson

My name is Debbie English and you were the celebrant at my mother-in-laws funeral today. May I say that it was a wonderful service that you preformed for our family. I had other people mention to me that they thought you were awesome , so Thank you .
Thank you once again for your inspirational words.

May I say once again how beautifully you conducted Mom’s farewell. I couldn’t have hoped for anything more.You touched many hearts that day including mine. Please know that you have made a difference.
Kindest regards,Rae and Family

We want the THANK YOU for such a wonderful service. We think it sure opened some people's eyes as to what a Memorial service could be, and perhaps even should be! We had so many comments about you after… who are you and where did we find you! We're sad you were not able to join us at the reception.
I wrote my heart out in that tribute to my Mother, and you made her story come to life. I'd never have gotten through it without crying, and your storytelling abilities created such a wonderful atmosphere. There was some sadness, some laughing, but overall you were able to bring to life my memories and create a happy calm with dealing with the loss of my Mother.

We loved how you still made us part of what was going on without us having to face the emotions, panic and fears of being in front of people to tell the story ourselves.

And most importantly, I know our Mother was smiling down on us, perhaps with some disbelief that we actually remembered to include Stray Cat Strut, and was DANCING!

Our only regret of the day… that this fabulous service was not recorded so we could listen over and over and over again.

Sherry & Rob
Blaine & Chris

My name is Susan Brown. You officiated at my father’s funeral on Friday Sept. 13th at the Marlatt Funeral Home in Dundas.

On behalf of my mother Maggie, my family and our relatives, I sincerely thank you for your kind words, prayers and the “up beat” tone you set during the memorial. Many people commented on how personable you were and how you held their attention. You made us laugh at a time when we thought laughter would never be possible. My father would have appreciated it as he was a very jovial person, always singing, humming or whistling. It gave us comfort at a time when it was much needed.

So thank you Wayne, it was a pleasure to meet you and your kindness shown will be remembered.

Susan Brown & family.

I  attended Yvonne's service this morning and was so touched by how you led the service. It was absolutely beautiful and personal. You added the perfect amount of levity and Biblical comfort making it so personal to her life and the memories we share of her. Thank you for the gift of that today.

Heather Fleming

On behalf of the Lockwood family we would like to thank you once again for the wonderful service you gave in honour of our brother, August 17th. Your words comforted each and every one of us in a very special way. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Kathe and Larry Lockwood on behalf of the Lockwood Family

I regret that I was not able to speak with you after the funeral of my mother, Vera Wolkowski. I would like to thank you on behalf of my family for the wonderful
words that you spoke. The manner in which you incorporated our memories in with prayer and scripture was very comforting. You have a true gift.
Thank you again.
Cathy Smith

First and foremost I would like to thank-you for a wonderful ceremony on Tuesday, April 30th at Ratz and Bechtel Funeral Home. Chuck would have been not only smiling but laughing from above.

I loved how you started the ceremony with an update on the weather and if it was a good day for flying. Gerry's eulogy was certainly unique and you "fed" off him and so many people assumed you had known us for years. It is too bad you are not affiliated with a church in the area because I would start attending (along with half of our friend's).

We never, ever expected the turnout we had (obviously or we would have rented a larger venue) but Chuck did touch many lives and was well loved. I apologize for not be able to find the time to talk to you after the ceremony and many people wanted to meet you.

What can I say except THANKS! Your contact information is being sent to many friends and family and if the kids ever get married I will be contacting you. Thanks for making a hard day just a bit easier

Just a short thank you note for Jim’s memorial service.

Both my brother and sister felt like you did an excellent job, especially with the little information you had to work with.
But you really touched on the essence of what my father was about.
The feedback from the other family members at our luncheon was also very positive.

Once again thank you.